Xiaomi M365 External Battery Wiring

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Custom cable to connect an external battery to the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter.

Installation Tutorial:

A kit version is also available, all you have to do is cutting and welding.

Content of the kit version :

• 2 x 90cm of 16awg silicone cable (90cm red and 90cm black) to use as follows:
- 2x3.5cm from the XT30 Female to the welding of the Y
- 2x6.5cm of the solder from Y to XT30 Male
- 2x75 cm from Y solder to round lugs
- 2x5cm from round lugs to T Male Plug
• 1 pair of XT30 Male / Female
• 1 male T plug connector
• 2 pairs of 4mm round lugs Male / Female
• 2x2.5cm of thermo sheaths to insulate the welds of both XT30
• 2x1.5cm of thermo sheath to insulate the welds of the T Plug Male
• 2x3cm of thermo sheath to isolate the two Y welds
• 2x2 silicone sleeves to insulate the round lugs 4mm
• 5cm (or 4x1.25cm) transparent thermo sleeve to hold the two strands of the 16AWG cable together on the length (1 piece every 15cm approx.).

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